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Regional Arab Airlines

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Need to improve their call center services and to keep more call representatives, passenger should have the right to edit my booking later on through the web site



افضل طيران


شركة رائعة بكل ما تحمله الكلمة من معنى في مجالها لكن موقع الشركة ينقصه المواقف


They should go back their bold values of customer service and satisfaction. In Recently years, they don't focus on it like they used to in the past. My dealings with the staff at the kuwait airport branch is always disastrous and i leave feeling miserable and Dissatisfied. I've now decided to use a new airline of choice as emirates have become less friendly and helpful. Even their ground staff at the dubai airport are not helpful, I once asked for assistance as i had an infant who was asleep as well as luggage. All I wanted was someone to get me the complementary stroller. The staff refused and told me to go upstairs to get one. On a flight, we were 3 passengers plus an infant, the other passengers were seated away from me and I was forced to sit and breastfeed between 2 males. Totally unacceptable.


حصلت معي مشكله ولم يتم الاتصال ولا استرجاع مستحقاتي منذ عام ولا حتى الاعتذار


Improve staff attitude. In flight service should be quick, after serving meal they took more than 1 hour to take empty trays from our seats which gave most inconvenient during our flight travel. During that time we are not able to go for toilets. Also without sufficient prior announcements meals are started serving so we are not able visit toilets before meals. Aso after calling for flight attendant , they took long time to hear our needs.


لا شئ لانها مثاليه وخدماتها فوق الممتاز


دراسه أكثر للأسعار والالتزام بالمواعيد


من أحسن شركات الطيران العربيه

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