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شوي الاسعار عاليه.

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وقت الانتظار طويل بالرغم من ان هناك موعد و اسعارهم صارت مرتفعه.

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احيانا مده الانتظار تكون طويله.


هناك ارتفاع شديد بالاسعار.

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I love them all the doctors and staff as a whole.



تعاملهم مع بطاقة عافية جشع واستغلال غير جيد بالذات من اطباء الجهاز الهضمي وفي حال حدوث بعض المشاكل الطارئة لاتستطيع التواصل معهم الا عن طريق موعد جديد وانتظار وعدم سماحهم حتى مخاطبة الدكتور شفويا لمدة ٥ ثواني غير مسموح لديهم وهذا تعسف وجشع مادي من قبل هذا المستشفى

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it has nice building structure , apparatus, but lacking in staff dont know why they are running such an advance hospital as a clinic style.. visited for bone minor fracture related case but need to wait for 30 minute in start, 30 minutes during the process and after doing the xray and other staff then again they asked to sit and wait for the doctor for another 30 minutes when my number already came and i have waited for my number then waiting on every step is not right, in such private hospital it is shocking not unacceptable only.. excellent facilities their prices is on the higher side. but on weekend they have only one doctor for ortho related issue. similarly the other dept...

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Well i liked the hospital, its location, cleanliness, staffs attitude and the services Recommended highly


they are doing a very good job but the parking is always crowded

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فتره الانتظار عندهم طويله جدا حتي لو معي موعد

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