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The best hospital in the Middle East, bar none!


Wonderful hospital, incredibly well educated and professional staff. Clean, beautiful, building. Compassionate doctors and a wide range of medical services and advanced technology.


تقليل التكاليف


I had high hopes for the hospital. Once I got to the Ob/Gny unit there is chaos when trying to check in for an appointment as no one is given a number, everyone just stands there until the receptionist is finished. The phlebotomist is never at her station and twice I had to wait more than 15 minutes for her to return. I was asked to pay 15 KD for a type written paper with no more than 3 sentences on it for my medical leave, no ministry stamp just a minute of time to type it up. I think this amount is outrageous. I know rich people go there but that doesn't mean average people should be overcharged as well. My appointment was at 5 pm the doctor arrived 10 minutes later, I didn't get my turn until 6 pm. I didn't leave until after 8 pm which is way to long for a simple appointment. I had high hopes but was dismayed at the long waiting time and chaos when trying to check in. My operation is tomorrow and I will be writing about my hospital stay when I am well.

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