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The doctors are less and the patients are more....the doctors are unable to satisfy the patients and are in a hurry to finish the business without any emotions. I am talking about Gynecologists...i have been goiing to mowasat since the opening as it is located opposite my house...during my pregnancy i had been there and due to doctors irresponsibility and not giving enough time to me and understanding my problems i faced a misccariage too....the lady doctor was so heartless and busy that she always conveyed the news to me in a very rude way saying " your baby is not there anymore come after 1 week" i was shattered and do not expect doctors to just worry about money. Any during my 2 month pregnancy i spent around 160 Kd in all the tests and visits to the hospital


تدريب موظي الاستقبال على حسن المعاملة مع المرضى والحرص على دقة المواعيد

Expert Influencer


very good comunication.all round


مواقف السيارات



Good service and doctors...



Most of doctors lack of knowledge ... Unexpected



maximum no. of doctors are Arabs. ( Egyptians , Syrians etc) All cannot afford the services its bit expensive than the others.


too much waiting for your turn but the doctors are likely so fast in checking you...



the gift should be expanded , you should have better food for the people in the hospital and add an extra small bed for the guest thats with the sick person if there are any


لايوجد مولدات للكهرباء في حال انقطاع التيار الكهربائي ، ولقد انقطع التيار الكهربائي داخل غرفة العمليات اثناء اجراء عمليه قيصريه وتمت العمليه بدون اي اضائه او اجهزه كهربائيه !!!

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