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الطاقم الاداري بداية من الاستقبال سيء جداً بالإضافة لـ ضعف امكانيات الطاقم الطبي الذين تعاملوا مع الحالة

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يجب تحسين الخدمه عن طريق تطوير وتدريب القائمين على خدمه زائرين المستشفى وجعل الاهميه الاكبر للمرضى ويكونوا على تواصل دائم معهم لمعرفه رضاهم عن الخدمه

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None negative comment. Good service


مراعاة في الاسعار

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الإهتمام بالمرضي قبل المادة وشكراً


Reduce the un needed medical tests just to earning more money 💰


توضيح جميع التفاصيل من اول يوم دخول للمريض


Doctors should give a little more attention and respect to the patients. Majority of ER Dr's i've seen there seemed careless and not attentive to the patient's needs. ER needs to be more functional. had i gone there with a more critical emergency, I probably would have died before getting attention. Monetary issues were a priority to them.


its very caring and good staff having good relation and good facilities

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Their doctors are really competent need to improve the reception staff and the pharmacy staff need to provide training.

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