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staff is very nice and polite very well qualified doctors had best experience and modem technology

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لا يوجد بها كافه التخصصات و ايضا كفاءه الاطباء و جوده الخدمه تحتاج تحسن.

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رجو تحسين مستوي الخدمه ا

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الطاقم الاداري بداية من الاستقبال سيء جداً بالإضافة لـ ضعف امكانيات الطاقم الطبي الذين تعاملوا مع الحالة

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ممتازين في جميع المجالات



يجب تحسين الخدمه عن طريق تطوير وتدريب القائمين على خدمه زائرين المستشفى وجعل الاهميه الاكبر للمرضى ويكونوا على تواصل دائم معهم لمعرفه رضاهم عن الخدمه

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hire more professional and decent doctors instead of the one they have

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not all staff members are confident including some doctors

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Hospital's location is a little bit hard to find since its located in a residential place(if I'm not mistaken) its in the middle of a community with narrow streets. building is well maintained and clean. doctor,nurses and medical staff are well mannered and skilled but their system is not that organized. we experience to wait more than what we expect even though there is not much patient during that day. hope they can improve more on becoming systematic to avoid patient from going back and forth in the reception.

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مستشفي نظيف ولكن ينقص للكفائات

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