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Hadi Hospital was disappointing. There services have gone down in the ast 10 years. The hospital desgin is confusing, the staff were arrogant and slow. The waiting period at the insurance desk was very long and it seemed they were confused with how to process the paperwork.


people here are hospitable



They should make a parking place for cars also they have a good point by making an emergency saction near the main hospital..


اتمني من هذه المستشفي الانتهاء من ترميماتها بأسرع مايمكن حيث انه كلما ذهبنا للمستشفي هناك ترميمات وعمال مما يؤدي لازعاج المرضي


I recommend all private hospitals in Kuwait to treat their paitients as human and commercilized it, and stop utilizing the insurance card holder patients.


اتمني تغيير البناء وتكبيره لانه لا يتسع بالاجنحه والمواقف صغيره مقارنه بباقي المستشفيات اتمني الاهتمام بهذه النقطه ولي ولاء لهذا المستشفي


If they knew that u have insurance, they would give all kinds of test even if u dont need them. Also they always give antibayotic to solve any disease



Improve in Superspecialities



When I visited Hadi Hospital I was very down and depressed for a problem that I have. The doctors I dealt with, were very comprehensive, they told me what the real problem was and especially they tried to give some hope and a cure to help me. Some doctors, all over the world, forget often that a patient is not only a "body" but also a human being with feelings and would like to be reassured in some ways. In other hospitals, I didn't receive the same treatment.

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