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Al-Seef Hospital

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The nurse staff should be more qualified and have a huge knowledge about their work Miscommunication among the departments


تطوير الموظفين والاطباء وفتح وتخفيض اسعار الغرف الفاخره


They need to introduce more specialists who shoudl know their field well.


Went as an emergency with a family member. Despite them being in a lot of pain, no one would begin treatment until I had opened a file and paid. My father was lucky that I was there will him to handle this because he did not have ID or wallet with him and would not have been treated. Receptionist/Cashier was very rude and the entire experience was less about patient care and more about cash at every turn. The doctor spent longer on his phone talking than explaining the diagnosis and later on second opinion it turned out that he was wrong! Would not recommend



needs better managment


التجويد في الخدمة أكثر


عمل عروض اسعال للشركات والمؤسسات والاهلية والحكومية

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Their Staff is not qualified to handle the customesr and not trained too. Mismanagement, Staff not bother to keep te hospoital name safe as a good servicing hospital. even found staff do not bother much about the revenue of the hospital is increase or going down as missing to charge few customers because of lake interest and mismanagement,

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