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سعر غاليه شوي


they should have proper appointment procedure. also improve parking space, waste a lot of time in finding a parking.


great service and a smile on faces of nursing staff



استقدام أطباء أكفاء في مجالهم، تخفيض بعض الأسعار، تغيير ديكور الغرف وتجديدها بين الحين والآخر


Expensive and waiting time are long


ان تقلل من قيمة اﻻسعار كما توفر مواقف للسيارات اكثر


يجب ان يكون هناك موعد لكل شخص من غير رقم بسبب كثره المراجعين


I stopped using Al Salam for three reasons: 1. Appointment time is never respected. They tell you to come at 5, you won't be seen by that time. 2. No appointments for in house specialists. So you end up going and waiting up to an hour to see a doctor. 3. Their ENT doctor was crap and gave me the wrong diagnosis. I only knew it was wrong because after Al Salam and his crap advise, i went to the International Clinic (for a second opinion). There, a German doctor saw me, used equipment to measure ear pressure (Al Salam didn't use anything on me) and from there he was able to give me a PROPER DIAGNOSIS. I have said buh-bye to Al Salam ever since and now use Int Clinic for all my medical needs.


Improve the services rendered by your company to meet the needs and satisfactions of the customers .


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