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New Car Sales - Al Sayer Group

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الاسعار ليست رخيصه و لكن الجوده العاليه تستاهل.

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الاهتمام برفع مستوي الجوده.

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صارت اسعارهم بعد مرتفعه حيل.

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عدم الثقة فيهم بسبب عند تتمين السيارة تم اكتشاف اجزاء مصبوغة فيها بالرغم ان تم شرائها جديدة من الوكالة


Those in charge of Toyota in Kuwait are very bad. Yes, they earn money, but people believe in the premium product in Toyota. The agency in Kuwait is hurting Japan's industry they Make money, And they not interest and respect for this product. If Toyota plant sends investigators to sells and customer service. They would discover that Al-Sayer Company unable to reinforce the name Toyota any more.

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كان الموضوع تامين السياره

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افضل اعادة تخفيض اسعار السيارة نظراء الي عدم قدرة العملاء في الشراء


The problem is not in Toyota as a brand Its kuwait ToyotaWhen get asked about a car they didn't receive they dont know anything aboutHow you are working in Toyota and dont know about 2020 cars it's not professional anyway And when I called in phone one Egyptian was very rude and uncomfortable to talk toFor sure they have staff problems and not an organised companyAll I want to know about is of camry TRD 2020Is coming to Kuwait or notAnd I did go to the company and called service and still I have no idea

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The showroom located in alrai has really well trained staff.and the employees or friendly and matter before u take delivery u can visit as much time u want inorder to check can finalize everyting in showroom itself and they register for you which is an excellent option. U just need to take delivery and use it for 3 years for the first vehicle test from the traffic dept.the price is reasonable.and the negative things about it is the ambiance of the showroom its unorganised mixed up products which leads to an products are placed perfectly but the low budget items are messed up on display.the products are not completely accessible as few parts be locked or disconnected which makes the buyer dissatisfied while checking it.test drive cars are really messed up which makes the customer think before owning it.

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