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New Car Sales - Al Sayer Group

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سيارة الاحلام موفقين لخدمة الزبائن وعقبالي لمن تهدوني السيارة 😂 ترا احبكم بس اسعاركم في الحلم

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فرع الاحمدي يحتاج التوسيع

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all perfect and never change

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الاستمراريه بنفس المنهج لصالح العميل

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Went to take a test drive of a car. The routine to register my civil ID and license was very bureaucratic. When done the sales person seemed surprised my daughter and her friend were going to accompany me in the car despite them being with me all the time. Then when I got in the car I was told I have 10 minutes. That was a surprise.... made me feel like a criminal especially since they held my two IDs. Construction around the old showroom is extensive so we took a wrong turn on our way back. Since 10 minutes had passed I got a call enquiring where I was and finally when I returned the car 20 minutes later the salesman said "Where were you? We were worried.? Talk about insulting a luxury brand customer! I said that to him and he was unable to apologize or comprehend how he had behaved in a way that convinced me Lexus was not the brand to get.

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الرجاء تحسين التطبيق علي الهواتف

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اسعار السيارات مبالغ فيها

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ممتازين ويهتمون بالعملاء

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Lexus من اقوى ماركات السيارات طبعا

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سياراتهم غالية وايد و مبالغ فيها جدا و اصلا لا عروض عندهم ولا مواقع افرع السيرفيس زينه و المشكله الناس مخدوعه منهم ان اذا بعت السيارة تحافظ على قيمتها يعني مو نظره فنية ان السيارة تظل معاك وخرباتها ا

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