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Delicious, fresh, healthy food in a cozy atmosphere. Unique place to dine in Kuwait.

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Good food but expensive

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while generally a good place to go, sometimes I feel it is hit and miss

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Great, quality food. Intimate atmosphere. Wonderful, personal service. It may not be for everyone, but that is a good thing.

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Ovo has some great dishes, and they are constantly experimenting with new ones which is generally a good thing. But I feel it is hit and miss. Sometimes it is surprisingly very good and sometimes it is average quality with either a bland taste or too many ingredients. Their grilled Salmon is great. The space is cozy but sitting outside is way too hot in the summer. Staff are very welcoming and friendly.

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I like to go to OVO because its different, but I am not crazy about the location - it seems like its an a parking garage. The food is good but sometimes not consistent - saying hit and miss is too harsh, as they are mostly good, but it could slip in that direction if they dont take care

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Consistency in food quality and service which is very strong

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Love OVO. The food is great. The staff, however, needs better training. They are clumsy and they often interrupt you and interfere with your meal. The smoking is also an issue. How can you have smoking in a healthy-food themed restaurant? More vegan options would be great.

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Excellent food ... been a while since I had such tasty fresh food. Service was really good too. Also nice cosy ambiance. I hope they keep it up

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v.nice place nice food

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