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يجب احترام المشتركين وعدم غش بالاعلانات بأن الخدمه سرعه وما في تقطيع وانك ممكن اتشوف 4k وهذا بالواقع غير صحيح في بطىء وتأخير بالالعاب ومشاكل الشركة كثيره



السعر مبالغ فيه جدا جدا ...الشركة تفتقد المصداقيه والشفافيه ..،مبلغ التامين في بداية الاشتراك يخبرونك بانه يعود في حال انتهاء الخدمه...وعند الانتهاء لا يتم ارجاع مبلغ التامين ويهددون برفع دعوي علي المشترك لاستعادة القطع والاستيلاء علي مبلغ التامين.



Their's is the worst call center I've ever dealt with. I have a problem with my connection and I have been complaining since February (a week after I got my connection from them). Initially I was assigned a trouble ticket, which was closed without notifying me and without any resolution. Later after many calls to their call center I was assigned a new trouble ticket, which I am still following up on. I have told them I don't speak Arabic and each time I get a call from them the caller doesn't even understand ABC. I have told them numerous times that I'm at work from 9-5, but every time they call me in the morning and ask me if I can check my connection and tell them if it is fine or not or if they can send a technician for on-site visit before 5. I paid them 30KD for a router (which costs less than half in the market) and their technician labelled it as malfunctioning. I now want to return the router and get a refund since I have installed my own router, but they refuse to refund saying the router is out of its 3 month warranty period. I have been complaining from day 1 of my problem so technically the router was under warranty when I made the complaints. They are the most expensive (or one of the most expensive) ISPs in Kuwait and their service quality is horrible. I expected much more than this from them.

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1) Connections are sometimes flaky, promised speeds are inconsistent. 2) Breakdown of service 1-2 times weekly. 3) Service is costly compared to alternative providers.


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