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I visited airport branch,I requested for new card and staff opened for me an account and in addition he told me that I can get MC credit card I can apply for it so I did but staff told me that system is not working I have to come back again or i can request through the application so I did through the application but no one calls so I went again to the branch so he applied it for me properly but again he forget to asked for my all documents as he was unprofessional so I send it through the whatsapp and he told me it will take 5 working days but unfortunately no one called me after even after 7 days so called branch again to followup but not reply. As i got called from third party company and he told me that someone will deliver it on Monday but no one showed up or called me so again i called the guy which requested for me for the card but he said he will check but I think he didn’t check but got my card on next day. As there is lack in follow up. As it is new bank they are doing much better. I like the app and all the best.

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.بالرغم انه بنك جديد الا انه اثبت كفاءه عاليه خاصه بخدمات الاون لاين

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I like the Facility of World Master Card the Most, Convenient and User-Friendly Mobile App as well is very much Perfect.

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.وقت الانتظار طويل بسبب قله الموظفين

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.فرع الفروانيه موظفينه بطييئين للغايه

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.اغب الموظفين جدد و معلوماتهم غير كافيه للرد علي استفسارات العملاء او حل المشاكل فيجب تدريبهم

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قله العروض لحاملي بطاقة بنك وربة

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.هناك تعسف في اجرائتهم

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.زياده الفروع و تحسين جوده خدمه الموظفين

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.تخفيض رسوم بعض الخدمات.تطوير و تحسين جوده الخدمه بالبنك


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