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Try providing more colours on furniture



أحب هالبرااند، مع ان حصل لي موقف واحد مع موظف معين. لكن أرد لهالمحل كل مره. أثاثهم رااقي وابدا غير مكلف مقارنه بالبجي والoverall quality.In summery, you get what you pay for...



الجوده عاليه و لكن الاسعار وايد مرتفعه.

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No response on the customer care email, & no support from store manager

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For lovers of velour and metal tacks, this place is for you. I miss the older selection when there was choice.

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ممتاز وموظفين محترمين 👍

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I would like to thank The One on behalf of the 2 cubic millimeters of landfill space that I did not use when they told me I had to pay 0.250 for a plastic bag. You beacons of morality you

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Way too expensive. The prices are unrealistic, and the only way they can get away with it is because they are in a GCC country with lots of disposable income floating around.

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Longtime shopper here. Great furniture that lasts many years despite higher upfront cost. But what ever happened to product variety? Most their sofas now are velvet in shades of gray or beige. Only a handful were of durable cloth and none in leather or darker colors. Had to ask for help which is ok, and staff was helpful, but nothing to buy. Please bring back choice.

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