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Safat Al-Ghanim

Home Furniture - Alghanim Industries

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بصراحه انا اثاثي من سنه2010 من صفاه غانم انتقلت كذي شقه مشالله اثاث كانه جديدغرفه نوم مع طاوله طعام أنتيكات ومفارش واكسسورات روعهاما اطقم استقبال مو ذاك زود نفس تصميم من2010 ليما لحين ما في تغير


Great variety to choose from.Sale time is a good time



Good quality value for money

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Their furniture is always high quality for an amazing price. But their only downside is that their showroom is very far from my location.


جوده بعض المنتجات ضعيفه و تحتاج تحسن.

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اتمني ان يفتح فرع فى مطار



My husband and I are in the process of doing some renovations and thus we went to Safat to check it out and bought a few different cushions for the living room to try what we like and return the rest. We have visited the Shuweikh and Fahaheel locations and bought different things from each. We went yesterday to return the cushions we didnt like while we kept the others, we were surprised by how slow the service was with a long queue and at the end we were told no you have to return it at Fahaheel not Shuweikh since it was bought from there. Nothing about this was communicated when we bought the things and its very frustrating after an hour waiting in line to hear this. In addition the staff wasn't empathetic at all and almost all people in front of us left frustrated! The experience there differed greatly from Ikea, Abyat and Home center! Will think twice before choosing to go to Safat!

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معلومات الموظفين حيل ضعيفه و تسبب تعطيل للعميل و ايضا اسعارهم و جوده بعض المعروضات تحتاج تطوير.

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طريقة عرض المنتجات جميلة جدا وسلوك الموظفين رائع 👍


قمت بطلب سرير للاطفال وتم تحديد موعد للتوصيل وعندما حان الموعد لم يقوموا بالتوصيل والتركيب دون اخطاري بذلك وبعد ان قاموا بالتركيب بعد عدة ايام اكتشفوا وجود قطعة ناقصة وعندما أتوا بعد ذلك لتركيب القطعة الخاصة أتوا دون احضار هذه القطعة، لا انصح بالتعامل مع هذه الشركة

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