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The experience is usually pleasant, but today was an exception.I bought a couple of stools from the "as is" section, and one of them was missing a footrest (expected in the as-is) . The "as is" staff told me that it would be possible for me to get a footrest from the exchange counter. Therefore, I headed there, took a queue number and waited for 15 minutes to see the lady at the "spare parts" counter. She looked at the bill and then spent a few minutes checking the stool's diagram on the computer. Then she came back to me and said: "You got this from the As-is". I told her that her colleague in the as-is had told me to come and check for part here!. However, she just repeated the same thing (it's like talking to a robot!). Of course I started to feel angry, and I wondered why IKEA staff would throw me around like that. She then asked me to head back to as-is and said she would talk to the guy. I headed back and there she was talking to a new guy at the as-is section. I approached the guy hoping to make sense of what's going on and re-explained my dilemma to him. His answer: This is the as-is, it is expected that items will have missing parts (like I don't know that!). I told him that his colleague asked me to go check for the missing part, and surprisingly he started explaining the as-is to me again. I said: "If I cannot buy parts, why do you have a spare-part counter?". "For screws" he replied.What a waste of time! Such incompetence for a global brand!Personally, I blame the lack of interpersonal skills on the training department.

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كان هناك طابور طويل من العملاء و سرعتهم كانت بطيئه.



Great Quality , employee need more Passion & loyalty towards their customers , very few personnel on the shop floor have Good product knowledge , I can see easily Ikea looses sales In addition the Business Account Designers attitude towards customers need to be assessed thru more training

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I enjoy shopping with my family at IKEA because of the amazing ambience they create!

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طلبت من الموقع قبل الحظر الكلي بشهر ونص واخترت موعت التوصيل و ماوصل شي و لا حتى اتصال لتغيير الموعد، بعد يوم اتصلت عليهم نطرت عشر دقايق بالتلفون ويم كلمتهم قالو تغير موعد التوصيل و عطوني موعد عقب اسبوعين بعذر الحظر الجزئي، و كالعادة لم يوصل شي ولا اتصال حتى ، رديت اتصلت غيروا الموعد و كالعادة ينقعونك بالتلفون بإختصار ثلاث مرات غيروا الموعد و ما التزموا فيه لحد ما صار حظر كلي، عقب الحظر اتصلت قالوا تاريخ 23/6 يعني ثلاث اسابيع عقب انتهاء الحظر عشان يوصلون!! ماهم بالمستوى ابدا و يتحججون بالحظر وهي بإختصار انهم مو كفو، يفتحون اونلاين وما يبون يدفعون فلوس حق سواقين زيادة مع العلم ايكا بالكويت ما تعتبر رخيصة سعرها اغلى من العديد من الدول مع العلم ان الدول الاخرى السعر داخل فيه الضريبة و فوقها صاحب الشركة يدفع ضريبة على الدخل و تلاقي سعرهم ارخص منا و احنى صاحب الشركة لا يدفع ضريبة على الدخل وضريبة المنتجات تافهة



زياده عدد الموظفين.

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طلبت من الويب سايت وصلني بعد شهرين فيجب سرعه خدمه التوصيل.

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اسعار المطعم غالية

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There furniture is very reliable

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