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I like it befor than now and quality befor was good than now i think


IKEA has the WORST customer service..and by far the WORST installation "specialists"..I bought two large customized closets for two different rooms, they installed the small one where the large one was supposed to be then they got confused when they tried to install the large one..then they blamed ME for giving them the wrong measurements!!! it took them 30 minutes to realize their mistake then they promised to fix it the next day (i was leaving on my honeymoon!!) when I came back I discovered they fixed it by removing wood plates that they drilled by mistake and the wholes on the sides of the closet can be seen clearly...I just never bothered to do anything about it because I lost faith in this one should EVER deal with IKEA


Furniture is amazing, but it need more description from outside of the package. For example, when you buy a lamp, you can see there is maximum watt to be used only when you purchase it and unpack it. Restuarant is great as well, but charging for bread when you're having breakfast is ridiculous. Play area for kids is amazing, but needs better supervision over the kids. There is some bad kids in there and they need to be taken seriously and to get kicked out or even suspended 3 times before permanent ban. Also, the 1 hour time is sometimes not enough. Ikea is a big place, and I sometimes take more than 2 hours inside. Staff attitude is horrible. Unbelievably bad, if I was allowed to attach here, I would have taken photos of their faces, and even videos in the way they treat customers!



الرجاء افتتاح فرع اخر والتنويع لان الاثاث والمفروشات بشكل غير مباشر مكرره


Bring more stuff from Sweden! Bring more Swedish food in the ikea café


Add more items to the menu.


Increase of space in dining area.


شركه جيده وتهتم ببضاعتها وعملائها واسعارها في متناول الجميع وبضاعتها عمليه

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