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Abyat Megastore

Home Furniture

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لديه خدمة ما بعد البيع راااااااائعة جدا



Its a very nice store , I even visit it when i don't really need anything.The location is nice and big so you don't feel cramped for example like IKEA It has a wide range from furniture , to kitchen ware , bathroom ware , curtains tiles , outside furniture it a very very good place and the value for money is also really goodthe quality is great and he prices are very reasonableIn addition, their services and warranties are also very good


must look out on service speed

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Provide enough staff for better and speed service in store.

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Encourage relationships Among Coworkers.

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خدمه مابعد البيع خاصه التركيب بحاجه تتحسن و ضروره الاتزام بمواعيد التوصيل

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تخفيض الاسعار و مده استيرادهم تكون طويله حتي تصل للكويت

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ضروره تخفيض الاسعار و تقويه الجوده

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Overall a great location but the very understaffed. You need to really call for the people and wait for 20 mins for someone to attend you. Furniture is of good quality.

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