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Abyat Megastore

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إذا فيهم يعملوا تنزيلات اكتر.



اسعارهم دون تنزيلات مرتفعه.

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جوده الكبت سيئه جدا فبعد اسبوع خرب .



The staff isn't professional at all also they don't follow up to solve customer problems.

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تحسين الجوده لان بعض الاثاث ضعيف و لا يتحمل.



وايد اسعاره مرتفعه و بسبب الزحمه السرعه بطيئه.

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The quality is not so high for their high prices.

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The quality and prices should be more better.

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خدمه مابعد البيع ممتازه.

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As an Architect and a new home owner, I used to shop at Abyat quite often. However, that has certainly changed. With the new layout, it is close to impossible to receive any help. There are far too few employees, with no clear system as to who has been waiting in line to receive assistance at the new desks, and absolutely no one to ask a quick question to while browsing. The employees are very nice but it is impossible to get to them - there is also an issue in that there are almost no bi-lingual employees. It becomes extremely stressful to try and find anything, not to mention actually buy, so much so that I have stopped shopping there although I am currently working on a construction project and would have liked to purchase materials from Abyat. It is a shame because before their new layout and decrease in employees (or at least the availability of them) it was a wonderful place to shop. Now, I would not recommend it.


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