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بالاحترام ومراعاة شعور الاخرين


تحديث الاجهزه


The trainers are very used to take extra money from teenagers so that they give them special attention in term of tacking good care of them while training, making sure that they are doing the right trainings or what so ever. That is why I had to keep on begging them to show me the right way to do all the work out, but hardly they responded because I did not pay any extra! Very bad experience! I feel sorry for the money I waisted in that health club!


A more professional staff is required and a better solution for car parking


المدربين لا يهتمون بالمشترك إلا بدفع مبالغ لهم ليصبح مدربك الشخصي

Expert Influencer


اسعار مبالغه فيها الكباتن ممتازين بس مافي حماس ...



أتمنى تغير طاقم الإستقبال النسائي حيث لاداعي له في نادي رجالي!!

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