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فرع الشعب البحري - رجال: لا تتوافر المواقف نظر لأنه المنطقه مكتظه بالسكان.... لكن يوجد خدمة المواقف السيارات لكنها لا تجعلني أطمأن على انه سيارتي سوف تكون بأمان بشكل عام النادي مريح وجيد جدا فقط في الفرع المذكور


rude staff and the prices are changing constanstly, great equipment bad people !


Closed better coz they can't pay the salary&very stupid administration,unorganized company!


اسعار الاشتراك بالاشهر غاليه جدا .


Many women would like to go a branch near to them not at al shaab its far and we have to pass at crowded streets and there is no parking enough and the location of it between building is sooo bad i hope you build another branch near for example in jabriya would be perfect as other clubs, and thank u



I attended Flex Fitness in 2009. This gym is very good for people with no particular physical problems, for whom wants to loose weight and get or keep fit. I joined the gym to loose weight but I underlined to the trainers and teachers that I had serious problems with my knees and back and the exercises I had been assigned were not suitable for my problems. After three months I started to have pain in my knees and I preferred to stop attending that gym.


It is not benefit to sold food and soft drinks to kids



توفير مواقف للسيارات


زحمه زحمه زحمه وووالحوض صغير والتادي غير فسيح وكثر الصيانه .



more professional trainers

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