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Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Fine Dining - Gourmania International

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I ate at the Sakura in the Zone by Shaab park. Service was relatively slow. Their kitchen seemed big and over staffed, however our plates took a long time to arrive. The Salmon sashimi had no taste; quality of the fish can be much better. For the prices they have this place should be much much better however it just made the cut as an average sushi place. Either make the place cheaper, or seriously work on the quality of their food as it doesn't meet a 'fine dinning' standard.



Open air place


Me & my friends just love Japanese food & ambiance in crowne plaza is excellent.



Best Sushi & Salamon crab salad in Kuwait



They should provide a faster service to their customers.

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Orders sushi and rolls through talabat so can't comment on instore service or ambience. For what I paid the fish could be fresher and the wasabi was grainy and tasted strange to me. Otherwise perfectly average but overpriced.

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3 years ago when I first moved to Kuwait, Sakura used to be great and it was known for the quality of its sushi. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. The quality deteriorated greatly and it sort of became like fast food sushi that's very over priced. There's no consistency in the level of service received in the different locations and the menu variety decreased greatly! I hope that you work on making it what it used to be before...

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Overall, I love japanese food. I like sakura. However, I got served with a blood stained salmon sashimi plate once in sakura, al bustan branch. It's unappetizing and a turn off, yes..its a raw meat but c'mon it's a crime to serve it like that. But since I am crazy for japanese food, I forgive them. And with all fairness, it never happened again.

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The food is good!. The service is amazing, so are the people. Just be the same ^^


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