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Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Fine Dining - Gourmania International

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مطعم جميل والاصناف متنوعة ولكن الاسعار مبالغ بها ويوجد بعض الاصناف غير لذيذة وليس لها طعم

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Overall, I love japanese food. I like sakura. However, I got served with a blood stained salmon sashimi plate once in sakura, al bustan branch. It's unappetizing and a turn off, yes..its a raw meat but c'mon it's a crime to serve it like that. But since I am crazy for japanese food, I forgive them. And with all fairness, it never happened again.

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The food is good!. The service is amazing, so are the people. Just be the same ^^



الاسراع فى خدمة الزبائن

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لنتفق إنه أكل فقط !لكن فاتوره باهضه يجعلك كأنك مقيم بنفدق وليست فاتورة مطعم ! لذا لنتفق إن الأكل يجب أن تستمتع به لا محل يستمتع بمال المستهلك ؟

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Got it the habit of ordering Sakrua about once a month over the past year or so and found them consistent in taste and quality. Our order yesterday was completely different though...the sushi was almost warm, the fish was unappetizing and the wasabi was dry and feckless. It was like a completely different restaurant.

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Safe but expensive. Their Khalid maki too sweet.

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