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Wish there were more branches

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They probably need to consider LTO items from time to time, the menu has been fixed for such a long time

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You see, im one of those cheap guys who looks for quality with cheap price but at Peacock, the food is so good that you wouldn't mind paying a premium amount for the food. Great place and staff...

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high quality ,healthy food ,service is perfect

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مطعم جميل والاكل لذيذ ولكن الاسعار مبالغ فيها قليلاً والاصناف متنوعة

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I dined in there once at Radisson Blu Al-Bida'a branch last Eid. Staff attitude is good but there's a notable lack of waiters/waitresses and the manager don't pay enough attention to your table when there's a lot of people dining in. Food quality is good & delicious, and they recommend some dishes for you if you're coming for the first time. Prices are little high compared to other Chinese restaurants. Overall it was a good experience. Looking for continual improvement.

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افضل مطعم صيني بالكويت وافضل كادر من الموظفين



Nothing, it's amazing every time!

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Went there after a break of many years. Still lived up to my expectations. We will be back.


We went with a group of 15 adults and had a high expectation of the food quality. However, the soup was horrible. We have ordered different kinds and all of us agreed that none of them was good. In regards to the main dish, the portion was ok and the taste seemed good, but much less than our expectations. While eating,, I got a strong stomach ache and had to run to the bathroom...I had symptoms similar to food poisoning,,,I have thought that maybe its just me, however later throughout the day 3 more people suffered from the same thing. I would definitely not recommend going there. While it's a nice ambiance, the food quality and value for money are very poor. Finally, as the waiter got the bill, he got complementary pieces of chocolate. When I asked him to replace one of the dark chocolate with white, he refused which I was surprised at and found it strange...


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