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one of us ordered 2 scoops of ice cream and instead of bringing one bowl with the two scoops, we got two separate bowls. the quickly rectified it but it was odd. food quality is good especially sweets.

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Although I prefer the old decor & theme, the new one is really nice and very aesthetically pleasing, the new menu is incredibly delicious, very healthy options, love the combination of modern French- English cuisine, from breakfast to lunch to dinner to dessert, everything is exceptionally good, the prices have gotten a bit up but very worth the price



يجب تغيير قائمه الطعام للافضل


Overall good food, nice atmosphere, and decent service. Some healthier, dairy free/gluten free and vegan options would be a great addition to the menu.

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The dishes over prices for the served quantity

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Add collecting points for frequent customers for future discounts

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فرع الفنار السالمية سيء جداً، الاكل بارد ومسخن بالمايكرويف والخبز طالع من الفريزر ومسخنينه مايكرويف على ماوصل الا يابس والسالمون زفر ومو طيب بالمره الاكل الله يزيد لو يتسكر الفرع احسن

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مطعم جميل والاصناف متنوعة ولكن الاسعار غاليه اشوي

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محل الجيت مول لطيف وخدمة جيدة وسريعة ومنتج جيد وسعر غالي

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