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طراء تغير علي منتج الشوكه والتوصيل خلال الفتره الأخيرة الي الاسواء

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اسوا شئ في بيتزا هت هي البداله ، حينما تستفسر عن اي منتج لايوجد عنده المام بالموضوع ، وفي حال اردت ان تلغي اوتضيف اي شئ على الطلب لاتجد عنده اي المام بالموضوع .. وكذلك عندي ملاحظه على التطبيق فقد تم تحسينه ولكن لو يضيفوا في نهايه الطلب ملاحظات لنسجل اي ملاحظه على الطلب ونضطر ان نقوم بالانصال على خدمة العملاء لنوضح لهم ملاحظتنا ولكن للاسف لايوجد تعاون او انهم لايعرفوا اي شئ عن عملهم فقط يرفع السماعه بدون اي المام

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We had ordered pizza online via their app, and then called their hotline number and as instructed earlier by their staff, asked for our order to be customized to a half/half. But we were kept holding the line for a very long time. By the time they got back on the line, we were told that our order was already ready and that they could not make our required changes

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Bad service, loud music, unable to had conversation in loud music. Request many times to reduce volume but no one listen, slow service, many customers had to find staff for giving order.

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سوء الموظفين سوء مندوب التوصيل اهمال في الرد على العميل


الأفضل لى اجمل بيتزا وأروع عروض وخدمه ولا أسرع والمذاق منيز



service's quite slow...try to maintain the pace


I visited at Salmiya Branch and ordered large family sized pizza. I was amazed with the staff on duty were Filipina. They were very polite and friendly. I love the very welcoming ambience of the place. And yeah, me and my friends got free Cheesy Pops and Red Velvet ice creams for answering the "Satisfaction Survey" prompt. Haha... It was amazing! Great job staff and the company as a whole. More pizza in few days.... :D


الجوده اصبحت ضعيفه و الاسعار ارتفعت.

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