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I hope always to make sure the salad section where I found it more than once Taste is not good and very bad . special mayonnaise salad

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First of all I really had a bad experience during my visit at Pizza hut branch in Salmliya Albustan center, They should not have racial discrimination with their service, they should treat their customer equally whatever nationality he/she is. guest paid the same money as the other customer, staff should know that all the guest entering their restaurant deserves an excellent service. these this they need to improve in the furtue.


They should have more promos in their menu.

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Pizza hut Entertainment city should treat the customer same way they treat in their other locations just because the volume of customers are more you can not cut down on your service level does not go well with MNC status of yours.


ارجو تزويد بيتزا هت بالحلويات مثل الولتن كيك بالشيكولاتة او السوفليه او ايس كريم انواع متعدده مثل بيتزا هت فى تركيا



Great food but you need to improve the speed of service.

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There was a Pizza known as "Chicken Sharwa" and don't know why they are not making it. It's taste was excellent & I highly recommend that they should bring it back.

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great place and good service



As the rate increases sometimes we feel the size decreases. the rate and quantity should match as this gives satisfaction to customers. Prices on drink should be lowered a bit as the rate seems too high.


Perfect Pizza, Love it

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