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Pizza Hut

Fast Food - KFG

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Pizza favorite food Store Only 1 km



للاسف معاملة موظف الاتصال لايوجد عنده المام كيف يرضي المتصل على سبيل المثال عند الاتصال تطلب من موظف الاتصال ان يقوم بالغاء صنف واضافة صنف من المكونات تجده لايوجد عنده المام وتتعب معه حتى توصل له الفكره واحيانا يختصر على نفسه التعب وتجده يقول لك هذه هي المكونات لكي يخلص الطلب على السريع وعند الذهاب الى الفرع تجدهم متعاونين بس المشكلة الفرع تجد اسعارهم اغلى من الهاتف او التطبيق

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They have a lot of options and super delivery service.

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Once in a week i visit farwaniya branch there staff every helpful and service speed is also good.

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I like pizza, no doubt about it. Among our order today in 360 Mall include potato wedges. Unfortunately, they served it cold and not crispy. I just wonder if they cook their side meals in bulk and serve them whenever there is order. Well, their chef had to give us a new batch as a replacement. But how come they served us cold food though.

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الموظفين ليسوا علي دراية كافية بسياسات وقواعد الشركة


Im a pizza lover! I liked lots of cheese!!

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I like this brand because of the product itself the pizza, i love the cheesy crust and new flavor "ultimate cheese". Dislike is the delivery, they are always late 30 mins to one hour. But whenever they are late, they are giving free medium pizza as complimentary. So overall PIZZAHUT is really excellent!


They should work more on toppings and especially on grill chicky chickn piza sauce and rest taste offcourse they maintains



they should really work on toppings, and must read the delivery comments, rest is great.

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