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Have more Veg Option on the Menu for Vegetarians.



لانى من عشاق المشويات ف فعلا حبيته❤️

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Once we arrived for dinner in the mahaboula seaside branch we were asked to change our seat just because another arab family (no offence) came and asked us to change the seat as they felt us uncomfortable . The worst part was the waiter also asked us to move, after all we all pay the same money for the service and food.

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i feel taste in every bite . so clean and tasty food and service

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الكمية تصدم الصراحة قليلة جداً كان عندهم وجبة اذا الكرم اللبناني وغالية وبس طلبتها يمكن اتكفي شخصين فقط .. ما اتوقع اعيد التجربة

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المشويات ليست لذيذة بالقدر الذي توقعته والسعر مبالغ فيه مقابل الوجبات

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The pricing is way off for the quantity being served. and the food isnt something that will blow your mind...its just 'meh'

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المشاوي ليست كما توقعت التجربة كانت جيده وليست ممتازة وربي يوفق الجميع

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