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No value for the price

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Not many branch found, price are high and no option for family meals. Better in online orders

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I love Kabab-ji! It is so delicious, clean, and perfect for someone looking for a relatively healthy option on the go! Their call center is surprisingly good and they are very friendly and knowledgeable. The other day, they got my order wrong, and when I went to the store, they changed my order to the right one and did not charge me the difference! The chef was so friendly and happy to make the change and he was just so smiley so that made me extra happy and satisfied. Great job, Kabab-ji.

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النظافة والجودة لكن الاسعار عالية نوعاً ما

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My fav place to go whenever i crave for a middle eastern cuisine. Friendly staff , cosy place ,offers a lot of menu itemsSuggestion: delivery

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عادي. مايجيش علي بالي كتير وأسعاره غالة

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Highly disappointed. Over rated, over priced, not worth a single penny

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Good n authentic kababs

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Have more Veg Option on the Menu for Vegetarians.


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