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The delivery service is always delayed.

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Today I ordered through online/website and this my first time using it. This online are very handy to us to choose what food items we want but the problem is when the food arrived at the house, they give us one food item wrong, they give us French fries instead of brownie. When I'm visiting the Jollibee branch, all staff are cordial and chummy to the customer.

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Prices are way expensive but not good taste

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Consistency in their approach product selection and timing .. any issues concerning the product were professionally handled and solve .

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The Jollibee is one of my favorite fast food chain. The staff are very friendly and easy to accommodate. But can you please change your French fries product, it's not good taste.

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Some cashier forgot their job. being friendly, and being helpful..

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I like how it tastes.. what i didn’t like is some of their menus are not available and it has the same amount and size just as in the philippines 😂

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Sizes of chicken served should be in same quantity and quality... the rest are excellent in taste and services

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