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Where do I start?? The BK in Salwa (behind the police station) is an absolute mess of a place! I went at 1 am on the 18th of May and it was total chaos, all due to the badly trained staff who honestly did not seem to know what they're doing. The place was busy but not uncomfortably so; so really we shouldn't have had the experience that we had. There easily 150 burgers premade and stacked up on top of each other in the 'burger heating area'. They weren't labeled properly, so staff, with their bare hands, were unwrapping the burgers to see what's what so they can give them to the customers. I commented three times on the hygiene issue (i.e. using their hands to handle food without any gloves on) and they just ignored me. I requested the store manager and he agreed that should not be happening but did nothing to rectify the situation. It really was just disgusting...The Salwa BK is an absolute disgrace and never will I visit that branch of BK again...

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I put 10 to my survey! Coz one thing i like burger king! They bend to the need of the customers! Im on certain diet!so my request was granted by the nice filipino cashier!she gave the specifics to the crew who prepared my beefanator without bun and instead replaced it with lettuce!! So happy!! Thank you miss!! Alkout fahaheel branch!! Keep it up!

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MUSHROOM N SWISS is LOVE. Best Place for Burger lovers. still one of the best even though there is a lot of new burger brands coming out.

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Price is expensive versus product. Preferably lower prices.

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The price is too much as its expensive for fast food compared to better fast food brands like mecdonalds or hardees.



جربت اطلب من موقع طلباتي وكان توصيل سريع ووجبه كانت طازجة وحارة يعطيك العافية

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ممتازين جودة و سعر و سرعة و نظافة

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العروض ممتازه لاكن نريد برجر انجز

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Best place for fastfood burger lovers.. The burgers there has Rich beefy patty

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Friendly staff Good ambience Satisfying burger

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