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Burger King

Fast Food - KFG

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What i like is the taste of the burgers and bread....its really good!



اخر طلب لي كان سيء تخر الطلب ولم يكن صحيح و الطعم سيء العلانات كانت ممتازة لاكن الواقع سيء

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Theres nothing i dislike about this brand but i actually love it and the offers and all they are so amazing to be honest the summer one was awesome i had alot of free drinks and they were so tasty and i told so many of my friends they had it too and i i will surely look after it again ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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كل وجبات برجر كنج لذيذه وشهيه وممتعه الخامات كلها ممتازه والنظافه علي مستوي متحضر انا علي ثقه كبيره في برجر كنج انا احب برجر كنج جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا منتجات كلها ممتازه وعاليه الجوده ومضمونه والخدمه محترمه ومميزه I love you burger king m🍔🍔🍔❤ number 51116310

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برجر كنج الله على طعامته تحفه

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I really like the BURGER KING and I dont like the Subway


Friendly staff. They serve fast! Commended



Service very good.crew very friendly


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