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موظفين الخطوط الامامية في فرع ابن خلدون يحتاجون اعادة تدريب علي فن التعامل مع العملاء

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Next day Delivery was delayed to one week and call center never followed up even when they said we will call you back



Update his website as many items shows available and after you buy it they call you and inform us that its not available , and in some times we received items open cartoon and we buy it as new


You need new more knowledgeable and service oriented staff the quality of service currently being offered is horrible in terms of (sales, support, and delivery) The staff I dealt with didn't know about the product much, in fact they ended up making false claims, and when I directed them to the manufacturer website of the product they still insisted that their claims are accurate. Delivery was way too slow, after a week of waiting for my item I was contacted by the staff to be informed that my item isn't in stock, from this point forward everything that happened after that was just horrible. They tried to substitute my expensive item with an inferior brand. I ended up asking for a refund as I payed online. It took nearly a month to finally tell me to go to the store physically and pick up my cash, even though I requested a bank transfer and gave all the required information. One of the worst experiences dealing with a company in my life time



Better customer service and to treat customers with respect


الخدمة عندهم ممتازة لكن مشكلتهم باسعارهم و انهم مرزكين اكثر شي على الكمبيوترمع ان الاسعار الي يحطوهم غالية

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Making the prices a bit lower will be better

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نحتاج فقط فاعلية أكتر في الدخول للحساب

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When you sale any item you have to make sure that it's working. I was searching for GPS tracking watch for my kid and I found one through blink after reciving the product and the God I try it before sending it to Egypt I discovered that it work only with 2G technology SIM card whitch mean it will not work and I return back



Overall one of my favorite online companies to purchase from because they provide reliable delivery with the option of delivering within 1 hour but its too costly. They also provide great selection of products.

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