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اعاده الموقع الالكتروني للسابق لتعقيده حاليا و تخفيض اسعار التوصيل من الموقع الالكتروني للمنتجات الصغيره



The place of plink in bin khaldoon street is very bad they must find another place



Update his website as many items shows available and after you buy it they call you and inform us that its not available , and in some times we received items open cartoon and we buy it as new


ليس لدي ملاحظة . سعدت بالتعامل معهم

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إعادة دراسة أسعار المنتجات فهي مرتفعة مقارنة بالشركات المنافسة, و الاهتمام أكثر بسرعة خدمة التوصيل


Their website says I have a wrong password. So I click 'forgot password' and enter my details. Immediately I get a code on my phone to use on their reset password page. When I finish doing that and enter a new password, it asks me to log in then says my password is incorrect. But i just did that! I've tried doing this more than once over a course of a month or so with the same results. When I leave a message and my contact details on their customer service page, I get no call or email. So back to using other slightly more expensive sites which at least work for me.

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Quick service


Focus on marketing


nothing.its amazing,has good prices and incredible service


Lower product prices. Friendlier customer service. Stop selling used products as new.

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