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I order through Toffaha App most of the time, it is nice and easy app, but they should work more on it, they have A problem with the cart, if I went out the App to check something else or lil bit late while thinking what I should order, the cart will be empty and you should do the list againThey do not sent the offers as notification, so I missed some of themTheir prices are higher than the others, except sometimes with the offers or the cashback, then will be worthy I like their variety of products

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جوده المنتج من خضار و فاكهه



بصراحه كنت احب شركه اطلب منهم عندهم خضروات مستورد وفاكهه غريب. من صار كورونا حطيت تطبيق طبعا موعد متاخر فعادي ننطروصلت لي زنجبيل وطمام و. و. و غير صالحه الادمي دقيت عشرين مره صورتهم لي طبعن ما يردون اخر شي رجعو فلوسي يالموقعاحسن اروح بنفسي محل اشوف خدمه توصيل تطبيق بصراحه مو ثقه

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