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More lights in the store because it’s a little bit dark in Marina. The quality and design excellent even a little bit pricey. I always buy shirt in Marina branch especially during promotional period😘♥️

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تنوع الملابس وجودتها ممتازة - اسعارهم مناسبة

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Try to make different sizes like xxl Because you only have s , m , l , xl size Thanks

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Sometimes at sales they don't give an extra paper bag even if you buy a lot. Cashier will tell u that's expensive.

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They have good shirts and designs, the texture of the cloth is good in the skin. The price is only pricey.

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It's too pricey even on sale, but i love the texture of their clothes and the designs. Just too pricey.



الملابس جداً جداً جداً جميله وقوية ومتنوعة والالوان مختلفة والاحجام مختلفة ايضاً صج انه الاسعار غاليه اشوي بس والله يسوه انك تشتري منه انا لازم اروحله كل جم شهر اخذ منه جم قطعة انصح به بشده

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My dreams is to go one time to superdry and see this ( SALE ) I shop from superdry all my clothes from 3 yeasrs until now I don't see him make any sale all time of year 🙈🙈🙈



The logo which is written in japanese is making it looking cheap brand


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