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Pull & Bear

Clothes - Azadea Group

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What I like this brand everytime I envision something that I'd like to wear I always see there for affordable price it will look you snark looking while staying cool and preppy and trendy.



Overall everything is good pull@bear fist of all i like the name of brand name its very uniqe and wram..sounding.. I like from here chealsea boots its a orginal leather and good prize money worth.. Thnkx pull@bear.



the jackets here fits me like it tailored for me . great quality , new design every season.great offers on seasonal sales

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The best thing to say about pullnbear is that it adapts every new fashion trends.for example an disney movie on theatres and u find clothes of those designs and prints. Any outfit we like of influencers or celebrities we can find match in pullnbear.and the disappointment is that the pricing at times don't make sense.the product which are not moving are put on sale upto75% for the season and once the sale is over the same product is hogher than the actual price before.its been noticed several times.i own clothes of pullnbear which i liked when it was new arrival,after 1 month or more its on sale and i take it,if i ask for size or coloyr they would apologize saying LAST PIECE after 2 weeks the sale is over and its again on display with almost 125% price which quite noticeable by many customers too.they need to play more smarter in order to increase good relations and loyal customers in this scenario. Materials and quality of the product are upto the mark.



فرع الكوت فرع كبير والموظفين متعاونين وبشوشين والملابس عملية جدا للعمل وعلى اخر صيحات الموضة وترضي جميع الاذواق وخصوصا مع التجديد الجديد في فرع الكوت حبيت التسوق فيه

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The prices need to be a little lower!

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One of my favorite place to shop ❤️And especially The guy abbas in marina mall more power to you sir you have been very helpful everytime ❤️💯

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من افضل المحلات الي احب اتسوق منها

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The best jeans from them!!

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