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Be consistent


سهولة التعامل


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It's a well known brand so bring more new formattes of design and quality


Best product from the brand which looks cool and simple when we use it and the quality of the product are price worthy



I don't have a problem with the product of NIKE it is 100% Quality. TESTED & PROVEN!!! The problem is their staff!!! Some of them are arrogant. Act like they are not employed in the store. Confidence is a plus point because it shows that you know what your doing and you know your product but it is a different thing when you are overconfident and making your customers look like dumb on your product. It is every sales representative responsibility to answer every question that customers will ask even if it irritates you because it's the same question he ask(he wants to be reassured). You should bear with it!!! Don't act like you don't want to entertain anymore!!! ^,....,^

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Keep making the quality shoes you make!!

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