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Massimo Dutti

Clothes - Azadea Group

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اسعاره مرتفعه و لكن الجوده رائعه.

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The good sales are instore and not on the website or app. Would be better if everything can be on the website and app.



So so so disappointed. The other day my friend and I went 2 days before their sale was starting. We asked the staff about sizes and they were sooooo rude and incompetent. They didn’t want to help us nd seemed frustrated to be working there (which isn’t our problem but something Massimo should deal with). Not only that, but they kept advertising their sale but the price reductions were not that big for some of the items so it wasn’t really worth it!

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يجب معاملة جميع الزبائن بنسب الأهمية والدرجة ... عدم توفر مقاسات للمنتج حيث الكمية قليلة جدا ودائما غير متوفرة المقاسات ... فى الجمعة السوداء او البيضاء كان الخصم شيء زهيد ولا يذكر و استغباء للمستهلكالزبون.

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Like: Quality of clothes and accessories.

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احبهم واحب شغلهم بس ساعات تكون قطعهم غالية ماتسوى لان قطعهم الوانه محدودة فيستغلي الواحد يشتري نفس اللون ثلاث قطع من عندهم والموظفين حسب ساعات تلقاهم يساعدون وساعات توقف جدامك ويه بوه وتسوي روحها مشغولة ماشافت

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I like the style, store size, and affordable price given the design and materials. when staff know you by name they are very friendly too



الاسعار مبالغ فيها

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ماركه رهيبه تواكب العصر تسعى للتجديد والتنوع دائما خامات فائقه الجوده

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