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Clothes - Dagher & Hinnawi

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My order during sales was delayed for 3 weeks though the email mentioned 5-7 working days. I had to send an email so my order will cleared from the logistics company warehouse

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I love their tees. Simple yet elegant.

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Visited Promenade branch Saturday 30/03 at 3 pm with my wife and son, my wife (who uses a walking aid) went to shop while my son and I went to see T shirts for him. As my wife is using a walking aid (Crutch) she requested some assistant from a floor sales person who seemed to be having a bad day... then I chose a few stuff for my son and called on my wife to come see them on him, when she arrived she relayed her feelings to me and I told her that she is mistaken , like this extremely helpful person who happened to be walking towards will help her but she walked by like we were not there, then we had to wait 10 minutes for the grumpy other assistant who had the items my wife chose, but she did not come and when we asked someone, they simply told us to wait. My wife headed to the store manager who also did not give any importance to what happened and simply asked why are you upset like if proper customer service does not matter any more. Well they definitely lost us as customers forever

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Design for mango clothes are very classy and comfortable to wear. A lil bit pricy sometimes but worth it 😍😍😍

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فرع مجمع 360 يوجد موظف تعامله غير مهذب وغير متعاون واسلوبه فض

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زيادة الفروع



بعض المحلات لها متوسط سعر لا يناسب الا فئة محددة

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التشكيله متنوعة والخامات جيداً وتدوم والاسعار مقبوله ومعقوله والعروض جيداً

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مكان جيد وخاصة في التنزيلات أحصل علي قطع مميزة بسعر مناسب. والموظفين متعاونون

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