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Clothes - Al Shaya

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The staffs are very friendly

Expert Influencer


H&M has a high quality kids clothes, good deals. Excellent.


Amazing products...amazing service... Keep it up.👍👍👍

Expert Ambassador Influencer


H&m..?? You cannot resist to buy always because of their low prices clothes but the quality is good..its always satisfies their customers..!!!keep it up always

Expert Influencer


They should have system and can check availability of item in store or other stores Online shopping have option to reserve item to come and try on fitting room Know in which store item is availabl

Expert Influencer


Very nice brand and quality and nice price affordable😊

Expert Influencer


every time I go in the store of h&m it's hard to find the best dress for me.. because some of dress too high and it's not fit for me. and it takes time to find other dress for me but it's good because every time that I ask the staff it was very good service,and very polite...

Expert Influencer


I like the way they arrange the store they separate the sale item’s not hard for us to find what we need but I hope they will add additional staff to assist customer ..thanks

Expert Influencer


تحسين الاذواق و جوده المنتجات


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