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Clothes - Al Shaya

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Notify customer for updated terms and conditionsReturn/ refund policy is useless. Waited for week and when I followed with them on phone they hadn't proceeded with payment



👍💖 What an amazing experience i have there.. I really miss H&M.. Quality and sustainable design

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one can always find staple or basics such as sweatshirts and T-shirts that are reasonable design and quality here and an affordable price.

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احب المحل ملابس حلوة و بمتناول الجميع


احياناً الاسعار غير معقولة ومرتفعة مقارنه مع جودة المنتجتدريب البائعين على خدمة الزبائن بشكل لائق اكثرعمل تنزيلات بين فترات قصيرة من حين الى اخر اكثر

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بشكل عام لبسهم جيد بالنسبة للقيمة المدفوعة لكن .بالنسبة للموظفين نادر ما تجد موظف يساعدك .كما نقول في المطاعم السريعة خدمة ذاتية.اخدم نفسك بنفسك .

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i love that they keep on having the 1 2 3 kd products where i can find good and nice stuff, plus the clothes over all on the store is great

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My last experience during Online order was satisfactory. I was able to collect my items from selected store within the specified time.

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Amazing collectionWould love to see a range on affordable prom dress collection

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