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بعد لبسي قميص و غسله مره واحد مقاسه صغر جدا و عند ذهابي الفرع الموظف قالي اني عديت ال14 يوم و لم يعتذر حتي عن سوء الخامه او الجوده.

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Not the most timeless designs but very nice. However, the staff is not good. They are so unwelcoming and make you want to leave the store even if you were planning to buy something.

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I have faced a rude employee in 360 branch slaking and being absolutely rude .. and that was not acceptable in any way possible. Making less of people is not accepted



To make a website where we can see the prices of the products and buy them online.

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ممتازه من حيث البضاعه والسعر والجوده

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