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Clothes - Al Shaya

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زياده اعلانات بالتخفيضات علي السوشيال ميديا.



The quality doesn't deserve that high prices.



بعض الأحيان الأسعار مرتفعه وفي التنزيلات يسقط السعر بقوه

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الاسعار جدا معقوله وقت العروض و أود ن اشكر الموظف (ألبير) في قسم العطور بفرع سوق شرق .. قدم لي خدمه ممتازه من لحظه دخول الباب و قدم لي خيارات محدوده حسب طلبي ليسهل علي الاختيار بالفعل يستحق التقدير

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Sharq branch needs renuvation and more organizing. I cant pass with my stroller between the hangers stands specially during sale timeAvenues branch the new one I didnt like itClothes floor is a mixed up you dont know which brand at wich stand. Also there is only one small left in the store used for customers and staff 👎🏻Befor you can access from different floors now it one floor entranceThere are no staff to help in women sectionDidnt see shopping bags to ease shoppingFitting room is very far away you dont fine it easially Usually children clothes are next to women section but here they are in different floorsIt is dificult to shop there

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بعض البضائع ذات قيمه اعلى من وحدتها


جداً ممتازه هالشركه و نأمل تخفيض منتجاتكم

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I like the style of clothes the clothes are soo elegant especially Wallid, the perfumes are wooooow and all are original.. But the prices are soo high

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