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Clothes - Landmark Group

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1.good offers specially on sale days2.theres no ready staff if u need assistance.. maybe lack of manpower 3. a lot of options .. 4.literally one stop shopsuggestion- on pick days assign each staff on each stations

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Parking issues in hawally tunis branch.Also They have to work on cash counters mostly out of 4 counters only 2 are working.there was always a long queues of customers for biling.For quality all products no doubt they are best and centrepoint always give there customers best quality with affordable prices..only issues to fix with cash counters and more sales persons to attend the customers and for parking(no doubt).thankyouGoodluck for bright future.

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The brand's are just wowWould love to keep shopping with centrepoint😊😊



Make more offers and discounts and announce them to the people.

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تخفيض الاسعار ... وزيادة تشكيل الملابس

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مركز جيد لذوي الدخل المحدود وبمتناول الايدي ويراعي الاذواق وفيه عدة ماركات تجذب عدة انواع من الزبائن. ولكن من سنتين كان ذوق الباير ارقى من الان

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من افضل اماكن شراء الملابس بالكويت

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I like the way they do the marketing the customers keep coming back..BECAUSE OF CHEAP PRICES..keep it up always so the customers always happy and satisfied..

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