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This is an excellent shop for home furnishings, men's, women and children fashion and shoes. The prices are extremely reasonable with discounts all year round. Excellent value for money.


Customer SERVICE! They need to teach their staff some basic manners. Not all but most employees are there just to chat to each other. I went up to one and asked for a shoe size and without even looking at the shoe, she straight up said 'NO! only display'. Didn't even bother to form a proper sentence. This is not only one instance it's many such. They label their products with different price tags. Same products different price tags on each so unprofessional. And if you ask them, they'd say the highest price one is the right price . FYI, I'm not picking your products for FREE, not am I bargaining. I'm paying the full price with money which pays your salary so quit the attitude and try to genuinely help people. Little smile and kindness won't hurt or cost you ..Yea, unless you're supremely lazy and just want to gossip in your workplace infront of customers!

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Good quality materials and worth


Nice place for dress shopping. We can expect moderate price for good quality materials.

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they have good quality of material in terms of their clothing product

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This shop is very affordable and their customer service is very nice..!!

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اسعارهم مبالغ فيها بالرغم من التخفيضات معظم الفروع تحتاج مصافط السيارات

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يحتاجوا تحسين الجوده و الاذواق



اسعارهم عاليه بالرغم من التخفيضات


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