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Clothes - Azadea Group

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Quality of the products are amazing,needs to keep offers more often than now.

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اسلوب الموظفين به تعالي شديد علي العملاء فيجب ان يكون التعامل ارقي من الحالي .


ماركه ذو الذوق الرفيع ماركه منفرده بذاتها انا شخصيا لو ما اشتريت من عندهم شي يكفنى انى اخد الشكل من عندهم واصممه زى ما هو كل الاحترام للقائمين على هذه الماركه

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I'm seeing newer, trendier styles (which probably help sales). But I hope they don't forget the classic look and quality which defined them for years.

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ممتاز من حيث البضاعه والسعر والجودة


prices are too high for the quality and brand. you cab get the same quality of a well known brand for the same price or less


Great, especially during the sale period they are way above other brands. Overall Great Brand

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توسعه للمحل

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