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Baroue is meant to be a place for kids to shop and play - it is NOT a nightclub!!! I cannot bring my son into this shop, as there is always (often inappropriate) club music pounding out of the speakers. Not to mention that in the Salmiya store, you have kids music coming out of one set of speakers and dance music from another - the space is not big enough to warrant this, and so you end up hearing both at the same time! We came to a birthday party once at the avenues branch, and the LOUD music and YELLING into mics was so bad, that even the people who were having the party were upset - they asked for the volume to be lowered multiple times, to no avail. Our ears were ringing when we left (early). If adults are bothered, imagine the kids, who will easily become overstimulated, and whose ears cannot withstand the same levels of noise! Also, the quality of several of your toys is very questionable. Perhaps you need to buy from more reputable sources. Will not be coming back until the noise issue is addressed.

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المكان جيد والاسعار جداً مناسبة لكن بخصوص صالة الالعاب الاسعار جداً مرتفعة والافضل تحديد عدد الاطفال إلي يلعبون لان بعض المرات يكون عدد الاطفال اكثر من اللزم في الصاله فمايقدرون يلعبون



Staff needs to be more aware and competent when it comes to the return policy and promotions/discount policies. Staff who do not have the proper information should have access to a manger who does. We were refused access to a manager because he was on break and staff were not able to answer return policy information without him!! We were made to wait 20 minutes without an answer and then were told to leave our number and he will call later.


Birthday parties are cool.


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